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Since 2000 the Penllergare Trust has worked hard to protect and restore Valley Woods, this outstandingly beautiful landscape on Swansea’s doorstep, for everybody to enjoy. The future of this landscape depends on the ability of the Trust to deliver an ambitious restoration and management programme. We can only do this with the help of volunteers. Your gift of time and energy is invaluable to the Trust and we want to ensure our partnership is a rewarding one for you too.

Whatever your background, interests or time limitations, there are many ways to get involved in volunteering at Penllergare Valley Woods. Contact us for an informal chat or advice on how and when you can start. See the events programme for further information about volunteer taster and information sessions and family and weekend volunteering days too.

Volunteer OpportunitiesPhoto of Hedley Jones, our woodland volunteer, by Janet Butt
Woodland Volunteer – Download the Role Profile here
Volunteer Ranger – Download the Role Profile here
Path Patroller – Download the Role Profile here
Fire Patroller – Download the Role Profile here
Wildlife Surveyor – Role Profile Coming Soon!

Visitor Centre Assistant – Download the Role Profile Here
Guided Walk & Talk Leader – Download the Role Profile Here
Education Assistant – Download the Role Profile here
Volunteer Ranger – Download the Role Profile here
Volunteer Speaker – Download the Role Profile here
Access/Disability Officer – Coming Soon!
People Surveyor – Download the Role Profile Here
Welsh Language Officer – Coming Soon!
Youth Officer – Coming Soon!

Media & Research
Photographer – Download the Role Profile Here
Film Maker – Download the Role Profile Here
Historical Researcher – Download the Role Profile here
South Wales Evening Post Reader – Coming Soon

Trust Secretary – Role Profile Coming Soon!
Volunteer Coordinator – Download the Role Profile Here

If you’d like to organise a woodland volunteering day for your organisation, group or society or if you’re interested in carrying out community work as part of an award or qualification, contact us for further information. If you think you can help or volunteer in any other way, please do get in touch!

Volunteer Understanding
Before you start volunteering with the Trust, you will be required to complete a volunteer registration form and to agree to the principles outlined in the volunteer understanding.

See the Volunteer Registration Form here.
See the Volunteer Understanding here.

Please note: the volunteer roles available are purely voluntary and the arrangement is not meant to be a legally binding one or an employment contract.

Health & Safety
We are committed to providing and maintaining a safe environment, without risks to health, for all volunteers. We will provide appropriate supervision, instruction, training, equipment and (where necessary) protective clothing.

Insurance cover is provided for volunteers when in Valley Woods, working for the Trust. The Penllergare Trust does not, however, insure personal possessions against loss or damage.

Volunteers will be reimbursed for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses at rates agreed by the Penllergare Trust. A volunteer expense claim form should be submitted to your supervisor with all relevant receipts.

The volunteering time you contribute is extremely valuable to us and we record as much as possible in order to illustrate the impact volunteers have on our Heritage Lottery Fund and overall project objectives. It’s also a way of monitoring and managing reward and recognition. With this in mind, all volunteers will be required to approve a sign volunteer timesheets on a monthly basis.

Training & Development
Over time, you may want to develop new skills or take on new roles or greater involvement. We will strive to work with you to recognise your achievements and identify any training needs.

Equal Opportunities
Within its capabilities the Trust is committed to equal opportunities for active involvement in its work. It values and respects the individual and believes that volunteering should be open to all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, ability, religion, political beliefs or socio-economic background.

Information Protection
The Trust is committed to safeguarding personal information in accordance with current data protection legislation.


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