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How Can You Help?

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Become a Volunteer
There’s something for everyone! Whatever your background, interests or time limitations, there are many ways to get involved in volunteering at Penllergare Valley Woods. Sign up today!

Become a Friend
The Friends of Penllergare Valley Woods is the membership organisation of the Penllergare Trust. It has been set up expressly to support the restoration project and to assist in raising funds and promoting the Trust’s aims. It has its own programme of meetings, on-site visits and events.

Fundraise/Give a Donation
As a “not for profit” organisation with a challenging restoration project on our shoulders, donations and fundraising events are key to ensuring success and sustainability for the future. We would be grateful for any donations sent our way.

Attend an Event
If you haven’t already attended one of our “Introduction to Penllergare” walks, you’ll be pleased to know that over the next few years, we will be developing an exciting events programme for you to get involved in and enjoy. Watch this space!

Visit Us & Spread the Word
Come along with your family or friends for a wander and see the positive change as the project develops. Once you’ve had the wild Penllergare experience, don’t forget to tell everyone about it.

Share your Photos & Memories
We’re always looking for interesting stories and photos to share with the local community. Whether they’re photos of the past, or present, we’d love to use them in promotional material too. We’ll make sure to credit you – we promise!

Leave a legacy donation to Penllergare Valley Woods in your Will.

If you think you can help in any other way, please do get in touch.

Thank you for your support!


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