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Plans and Timetables 2012-15

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Click here to read extracts of the Conservation Management Plan, References and Maps which formed the basis of the bid for funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund in 2008  for Phase 1 of the project to restore elements of John Dillwyn Llewelyn’s romantic picturesque landscape and to provide facilities and activities for people to enjoy.

Did you know? The Penllergare Trust has an excellent interactive map where you can see both historic and modern photos of the estate.


In summary, Phase 1 projects – as shown on the masterplan – include:

Woodland Car Park & Visitor Centre (COMPLETED)
A small dedicated car park with disabled spaces, turning and drop-off space for a minibus is currently being constructed as well as a small two-tiered visitor facility to include toilets and an information and refreshment kiosk.

Car Park Tree Protection Plan (2009)
The Kiosk – Architect’s Drawings (2010) – Proposed Plan
The Kiosk 2 – Architect’s Drawings (2010) – Elevations

Terrace Gardens, The Drive and Waterfalls (2013-2014)
Historic steps, terraces, footbridges, retaining walls and where viable, waterfalls and cascades will be repaired and restored. An accessible interpretative tour around the valley, with improved pedestrian routes, restoration of historic pathways, and a fully accessible footbridge to create a greater variety of circuits. The replanting of specimen trees and ornamental shrubberies lost from the existing landscape will also take place. Also, the thinning and management of areas of dense trees and shrub  will be carried out to reopen historic views.

The Shanty Evaluation – Dyfed Archaeological Trust (2010)
Fairyland, Shanty and Wigwam (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)
The Drive (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)
The Garden (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)
The Waterfall (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan) 

Upper Lake (July, August and September 2014 )
The Upper Lake above the waterfall will be de-silted in order to reinstate it to its historic form and prevent total reversion to marshland. The de-silting will take place in July, August and September 2014.

Upper Lake Survey (2006)
Upper Lake (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)

What's going on00

Archimedes Screw (COMPLETED)
An Archimedes screw microhydropower turbine will be installed underground on the east bank of the waterfall to generate renewable energy and to help fund future maintenance.

Archimedes Screw Architect Drawing (2010) – Elevations
Archimedes Screw Architect Drawing (2010) – Proposed Plan
Hydropower Feasibility Study (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)

Old Llewelyn Bridge (COMPLETED)
With careful integration of the sewage pipe over the river Llan, the old stone bridge will be recreated as a fully accessible river crossing and a visual feature in the landscape.

Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Original Elevation
Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Existing Plan
Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Existing Elevation
Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Proposed Plan
Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Proposed Elevation
Llewelyn Bridge Architect Drawing (2010) – Cross Section

Observatory (2014)
Once leased from Swansea Council, the observatory – where one of the first photos of the moon was taken – will be repaired and brought back into use.

Observatory Architect Drawing (2010) – Proposed Plan
Observatory Architect Drawing (2010) – Elevations
Listed Building, Scheduled Ancient Monument and Register Entries (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)

M4 Underbridge (UNDER REVIEW)
A raised pedestrian underbridge will be built within the existing river Llan culvert to link Penllergare Valley Woods with the Forestry Commission forest, more than doubling the size of the estate, as well as providing a ‘green’ route from the Gower Peninsula to the Brecon Beacons.

Activity Plan
A range of activities designed to improve the appeal of Valley Woods for people and to encourage active involvement in their management.  Activities include opportunities for volunteering and the development of the Friends of Penllergare Valley Woods, along with partnerships with schools, colleges, businesses and local communities. In addition, improved interpretation, signage, website, accessibility and events will ensure that the site appeals to a wider audience.

Activity Plan (2011)
Access, Audience Development and Training Plan (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)

Protected Species Survey Part 1 (2011)

Phase 2 and beyond: The Walled Gardens & Lower Lake
The restoration of the walled garden and associated land, including the old Orchid House, for horticultural training and as a visitor attraction is proposed as an aspirational second phase of the overall restoration scheme; similarly, restoration of the Lower Lake and cascade.

The Walled Gardens and its Buildings (2010)
Condition Survey and Recommendations for Walled Gardens area (from 2008 Conservation Management Plan)


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