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Suspension of the lake desilting until 2014

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Dear all,
You will all know that it was planned to complete the lake desilting by the end of October and to restore the silt deposit area in the middle park next summer. The end of October target was to coincide with the start of the salmon and trout migration season, when all works in rivers is suspended across the country to allow these wonderful and increasingly threatened fish to come up our rivers and streams to lay their eggs in the gravel beds, and for the eggs to hatch. The river works embargo runs from Mid October (normally) to mid April each year (for more information about this, please see –

For a number of practical reasons beyond our control, it has not been possible to complete the lake desilting in time for this river works ’embargo’. The desilting has therefore been suspended until a date to be agreed after April 2014.

Naturally, this change of plan is regrettable and we are sorry for the inconvenience that this will cause when the desilting works start up again in the spring next year.

In the meantime, the contractor will continue with the installation of the Archimedes screw hydro turbine which is due to arrive in the woods in early November. The date the turbine is due to be fitted will be notified as soon as possible.

The contractor will also spend the next fortnight clearing up the tracks and work areas to minimise the risk of silt or mud getting into the river over the winter and to open up access – the new ‘old’ Llewelyn bridge is due to be completed in the next 2/3 weeks opening up many more options for circular walks and with spectacular, new, views of the waterfall.

I will ensure that everyone is kept informed of further developments. If anyone would like any more information, then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Philip James
Project Director
Penllergare Valley Woods

T: 01558 685746
M: 07968116325


1 Comment

  1. I am looking forward to the completion of the silt removal next year – love the work already done, cafe fabulous and volunteers brilliant – well done so impressed – we now visit weekly
    Andrew &Cherry Hinton


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