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Thieves target hand tools in Penllergare Valley Woods

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Volunteers and staff working to restore the landscape and to make Valley Woods a haven for wildlife for public benefit were bitterly disappointed on Monday morning (15th April 2013) to find someone had broken into their tool store and stolen hand tools, wheelbarrows and some paint. Police officers have visited to collect any evidence, but are not optimistic about recovering any of the items, together worth over £1,000.

Terry Jones, the Chairman of the Penllergare Trust that manages the woods said – “We have been making good progress with making sure that we are working with all sectors of the community and despite this incident, we will continue with renewed effort. It’s a sad reflection that there are people about who continue to commit such acts of wanton theft like this. We have started up a voluntary ranger scheme to help people to appreciate and take pride in Valley Woods and to act as our eyes and ears to avoid incidents such as this. If anyone would like to get involved with this scheme or with any other aspect of our work, then please get in touch. Thankfully, we have received a wonderful response from regular walkers and supporters, some of whom have donated surplus tools so that we can continue with the work.”



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