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Happy Birthday JDL!

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To commemorate John Dillwyn Llewelyn’s birthday – the creator of the Penllergare estate – and to celebrate the progress of the restoration progress at Penllergare Valley Woods, the Penllergare Trust will launch a new interactive restoration blog and photography competition on 12th January 2013.

The Restoration Blog –
With a very busy two years ahead of the Trust, a restoration blog has been designed – dedicated to the progress of the restoration project at Valley Woods and the hard work of the Trustees, staff, volunteers, Friends, visitors and supporters who are making the project a reality. The blog provides a detailed overview of the plans, reports and surveys of the restoration project, a latest news section which you can sign up to for weekly email updates, as well as everything you need to know about how you can get involved through visiting, volunteering, becoming a Friend, donating or attending an event.

Chairman of the Penllergare Trust, Terry Jones, said: “The blog is a very good step forward for us. As the physical works on the ground start speeding up in the Spring, it’s crucial that we keep everyone informed about what’s going on.”

With such a diverse range of people already using the woods and no facilities on site as of yet, the Penllergare Trust is exploring different ways of communicating with local people and visitors alike.

“The restoration blog is aimed to add a new and exciting dimension to our plans of updating and engaging the whole community. We have already started to build up active Facebook and Twitter pages over the past 3 months and we hope to share more through the South Wales Evening Post, other local publications and noticeboards in the year to come too.”

Photography Competition
What’s more, the Penllergare Trust will launch a photography competition for 2013. The romantic beauty and tranquility of the 19th century landscape at Penllergare was captured through the lens of its creator John Dillwyn Llewelyn – a pioneering photographer.

“Photography is a very important element of the restoration project as we were fortunate enough to base our plans and visions on the photographs that were taken of the picturesque Valley Woods in the mid 1800s. The competition is a great opportunity for local people and visitors to help us capture its sense of place today.”

There will be a monthly themed competition and the top 3 photographs of 2013 will be made into postcards to be sold in the new visitor facility at Penllergare Valley Woods in 2014.

To find out more about the restoration project and how to get involved, visit:

The Restoration Blog:

Call: 01792 344224
Visit the Penllergare Trust website:



  1. Geoff mellor says:

    When will you be displaying the result of the January photo competition


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